Friday, March 14, 2008

Photos of New House

We have finally moved into the new house, and I am including a number of photos here. Like many Mexican homes, our home is enclosed by walls, with a front gate.

One unique feature of the house is old-fashioned street light in the back yard. It provides illumination at night and is a conversation piece by day!

The previous owners left many pre-Columbian statues and plants. Here's an example from the back garden.
They also left this hand-painted, very Mexican headboard for our new bed. Mexican beds don't use box springs, just wooden platforms, so we bought a comfortable mattress.
This is the front garden included in the covered garage area by the entryway to the house.
Passageways around both sides of the house allow access to the back garden by the gardener without going through the house. We can close these gates to let Maggie into the back yard without worrying about her escaping into the street.
Our big purchase for the house so far has been this beautiful equipale table and chair set which we hope will allow us to enjoy after-dinner conversation with family and friends.
View of the living room from the dining area.
The back of the house with a view of the mountains. No view of the lake, unfortunately.
View of the back terrace, where we will put a grill soon.
Good kitchen, but ugly. We hope to redo the countertop with Mexican rustic tile, and paint the cabinets a color besides blinding white.
The stained glass panels on the sliders leading out to the terrace are one of our favorite features.

Just to get a sense of the area, this is the view from the front of our house. There is a very friendly burro across the street. And the mountains are, of course, prominent.

We are still busy cleaning up the old house and moving things here. We need to make a trip to Home Depot in Guadalajara tomorrow for a lawnmower, step ladder, and other essentials. Once we are finished with this craziness, I'll post the second part of "eating in Mexico."

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