Monday, June 22, 2009

Trip North

Hola to all of you who check the blog. We will be traveling north to Indiana and Maine for the summer, so I obviously won't be writing about Mexico; at least that's not the plan. We have a young grandaughter, Isabelle, in Muncie, Indiana, the daugher of our son Eric and daughter-in-law, Crystal. We will be arriving to spend about a week over the 4th of July holiday in the now blue state of Indiana. We will then be traveling north, stopping in Erie, PA to briefly visit our friends from Mexico, Fred and Mardele, and their daughter's family, and pick up a couple of small pieces of furniture to bring back to Mexico for them. (Fred and Mardele have lent us their GPS system to use on the trip up; that should be fun to try out). Then we're off to Maine, arriving around July 10. There we'll spend time with our daughters, Wendy and Cassie, my Dad (who turns 89 on Friday) and Stepmom, Joy, and other family and friends. We'll be staying with Curt and Judy Webber, who have appeared on this blog, using their home as a home base. How wonderfully generous of them. They may return to Mexico for their third trip, possibly this fall? We are looking forward to seeing Pixie's siblings and their families and my two brothers and their families. We will spend time with our old friends in Maine, and follow the Red Sox from Red Sox Nation! (They are four games up as I write this morning). We'll stop by Indiana again on our return trip, then be back in Mexico by the end of August.

I may post some family photos and some commentary about our trip, but not as frequently over the summer. I'll return to commentary about our life in Mexico in September. Best wishes to all for a safe and joyous summer. You can still reach us by email, of course. Hasta luego, amigos!


Leslie Limon said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy your time with the family.


Malin said...

Just discovered your blog and I love it! I'm a Norwegian girl studying at the university of Nottingham in England, but as of the beginning of next month I will be a student at TEC de Monterrey in Guadalajara.
I love reading about your life in Mexico, and as other people have mentioned, everyday things are interesting to hear about (and useful to me too!).
I'll keep reading :)

susana said...

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