Thursday, September 10, 2009

Maggie 1998-2009

Our little 9 pound Shi Tzu, Maggie, died on Monday. She had been through so much with us for the last eleven years, and her loss, so suddenly, has been devastating.

For those of you who knew Maggie, you can understand her loving way and her ability to worm her way into everyone's heart. She greeted us every morning with her wet kisses. She protected us from "big" dogs by fiercely asserting herself and never backed down from a confrontation. When I walked her, she never learned to walk calmly, but always pulled on the leash, at least until she got tired. She hated being alone, and would follow me from room to room when we were alone in the house. She was a good traveler, always watching to see what was interesting outside and, when nothing was going on, preferred to nap in the backseat. She was a good listener, cocking her little head and looking intently at you, even when she probably understood nothing you were saying. She loved going on walks, and would watch me intently every morning to see if I was heading towards her blue leash, which meant "walk!" In other words, she was a wonderful dog and companion for us. She made the trip from Maine to Mexico (she hated the snow!) and, finally back to Maine. There is now a big hole in our lives that will accompany us home to Mexico.

Here is a poem I wrote which, I think, captures her spirit:

How My Dog Loves a Walk

She lives for the moment.

When I lace my shoes

She stares, intent,

On the possiblilty

That this time

I will take her

When I open the door

And walk out, into the sun.

To her, nothing else matters.

Even on the leash

She is jubilant,

Nose to the ground

For excretory smells,

Overlooked morsels.

She’s consumed with potential.

She’s older, yet

She tugs at the leash

Hoping I will speed up

And really let her

Into the brush

Into the possibility

Of something she can catch.

Upon meeting another

Canine friend, she immediately

Whiffs his private parts,

Which gives her some

Prehistoric satisfaction.

She know where each lives

And pulls me toward each

Place where there once

Was a dog.

And she’s unconcerned

With mud, seed pods,

Vehicles and hazards,

I try to avoid

For me and for her.

She would be muddy, smelly,

And dead

Were it not for my

Wisdom and caution.

But I wish I could

Live with such

Single-minded enthusiasm

And unspoiled love.

So, we are still in Maine. I am doing well, anticoagulated, and anxious to return to Mexico. Pixie will head down the 29th of September with our so, Eric, and go to Muncie, Indiana where she will visit for a few days. Then she'll drive to Memphis and meet our friend Trudy, from Ajijic, who will drive with her down to Mexico. I will fly down to join her about October 14. We will be grateful to be home again, in nuestra casa!


Chris Allin said...

Hello, I just started following your blog because of the interest I have in where you live and your little adventures, I'm moving to México this winter :)

I am saddened to hear about your loss, I understand the powerful bond that can occur between pet and owner as I have two dogs myself. I hope that you are able to move on with fond memories in your hearts and find the next stage.

Bill said...

Thanks, Chris. I appreciate your comment. Good luck in your move to Mexico.

Julia said...

We also have a loving Shit-tzu, they are the most loveable little dogs. Our hearts go out to you for the loss of you Maggie.