Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back in Green Mexico

Well, here we are.  We've been back in Mexico for over a week.  The most noticeable difference since we've left, after six weeks of rain, is the green.  The mountains are no longer brown but bright green.  The streets are no longer dusty.  The air is a bit more humid, but so much more cool and comfortable than it was in April, May and early June.  

Now that we're back, there is not much going on.  Many of our usual activities are in recess.  So we are enjoying lots of down time and relaxing days.  After our whirlwind visit to Maine and Philadelphia, we are enjoying it! I have been spending some time working on my new poetry volume which should be published this fall. 

We have a guest here for about ten days, Rudy.  Chuy is enjoying having a canine friend in the house.  Fred and Mardele have returned to Canada for a family wedding, and we have Rudy for another week or so.  He's a shelter dog, what our friend Eduardo has dubbed a PLD (a white poodle-like-dog, very common here).  He's a sweet guy and we are enjoying his visit.  Here is his photo:

Our biggest news, perhaps, is that we are, once again, changing our diet to take our vegetarian diet up a notch.  Upon rereading The China Study, we reexamined our diet and decided to try to eat a completely plant-based diet.  The book, which we had read last year, prompted us to give up meat.  Rereading the book, which argues that it is animal-based protein which causes high rates of heart disease, breast, colon, and prostate cancers, and diabetes, what he calls "diseases of affluence," we have decided to try a completely plant-based diet.  The author, Colin Campbell cites the results of a comprehensive study of the various diets throughout China, started by Chou en Lai in the 1970's, which determined that those people who ate very little animal protein simply did not suffer from these diseases.  Although the book is a bit controversial because it criticizes the typical American diet, it presents good evidence for a plant-based diet.   

Here's a link you might find interesting:

Of course, following this diet is not easy.  We have been trying lots of interesting recipes at home, but eating out has been more challenging.  We do have a couple of good Asian restaurants, an Argentine restaurant, and a wonderful Italian restaurant which all have good vegan options.  And of course, we also have a wonderful vegetarian place, The Secret Garden, which has many great dishes for us.  Here is a photo of the restaurant, and a photo of Pixie sitting in the garden.  

So, aside from our dietary adventures, we haven't much news.  We are enjoying our lovely house, cooking in, and watching the dogs.  We are definitely looking forward to our Mexico City trip on August 24th.  So, stay tuned...

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