Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On the Road Again

No new photos now, but I wanted to post an update to our adventures in San Antonio.  We spent three rainy days in the hotel without a car, eating at the Denny's next door, waiting for the windows on our car to be repaired.  When we got the car back, we packed up 15 boxes of stuff and took them to FedEx to ship them to Maine.  We shipped them to our good friends, Curt and Judy, who readers of this blog may remember visited us three times in Mexico.  Anyway, the boxes will likely be stacked in their garage in Auburn, Maine when we arrive. And our car, although still packed with plenty of stuff, no longer poses such a delicious target for a would-be thief!

We are now in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, planning to go into Little Rock today to get some new tires for the RAV4 and to stay in town overnight and, hopefully, check out the Clinton Library this afternoon.  We are now planning to be in Indianapolis by Friday and stay with my cousin Rod and hopefully visit Alice, one of my dad's older sisters while we are there.  Then, off to Muncie, for a week with Our son, Eric, and his wife, Crystal, and our grand daughter, Isabelle.  Then we'll visit my old Brown friend, Dennis, in Ohio, on our way to Philadelphia.  

So, with few clothes, and albeit a bit poorer, we're whole again and enjoying the trip.  Chuy's been a good little traveler.  He likes to explore the crabgrass and litter around each motel.  Next time I'll have some photos to post as well.  We miss all our wonderful friends from Ajijic while, at the same time, are looking forward to establishing our life in Maine again.   


Leo Woodman said...

Glad to hear you folks are headed back to Maine! Sorry to hear about the break in. I hope the rest of your trip goes well.We'll have to get together when you're settled. We're living in Kittery now.

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