Friday, September 14, 2007

Update on Mudslides

The good news is that the early reports of deaths may have been wrong. It appears that the early reports were of people missing who have since turned up. It appears as though there are no confirmed deaths, but one child may be missing.

There is terrible damage, as the photos show, but the community effort to help the victims is huge, and coming from everyone.

Many people have been displaced from their homes, but slowly trucks are moving the huge boulders and rivers of mud which have poured into San Juan Cosala. Electricity and phone service are being fixed, although water seems to be a problem.

I had my class last night, and four students from the affected areas were not there, but other students were there and reported that they had been contacted and were ok. One sustained heavy damage to her house, and another lost a car.

The Mexicans are very good at pulling together to solve problems for themselves. People don't wait for help from outside, although that too is coming. As I write this early Friday morning, it is pouring outside, just what the area does NOT need now.

I'll post again soon. Here are some of the latest photos from other blogs and webboards:

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