Friday, June 27, 2008

Getting Back to Normal...At Last!

Here's an image of one of the more eccentric gringos living in Ajijic, on his burro along the main highway. I don't know his story, but I imagine it's interesting.

On the home front here, things are getting back to normal. Pixie has been recovering nicely from her surgery and is already noticing the benefits of having had her gallbladder out. She is eating, exercising lightly, and with only minor pain. She's even been busy decorating our newly-completed renovations.

Here are some before and after photos of the renovation; as you can see it looks very different:

Here are some additional photos:

We are definitely enjoying the peace and quiet of having the privacy and quiet of not having the house full of workers. Nevertheless, we enjoyed getting to know Guillermo, Antonio, Jaime, Jesus, Girardo, and Raoul, the "maestro" who did such a beautiful job making our fireplace. They were courteous, thorough, and willing to change what they were doing to suit our tastes. They wanted us to be happy with the work, and we really are. Now, the money's gone, but our house is just what we wanted, a simple, very Mexican casa.

I'll leave you with an image taken a few days before Pixie's surgery: Our friends Don and Val invited us to eat a local restaurant celebrating its second anniversary with a Mexican buffet and a Cuban band, among others. Here is a picture of Pixie with Don, our ex-monk, monster-movie fan, writer, IBM alum whom we met at our great books discussion group.

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