Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not Much New... Well, Chuy Got a Haircut!

Look at this guy...he's getting gray already, but he's only 9 months old! He's a good dog, and he's becoming more affectionate, not so restless. He sleeps in our bed now and can jump up on the sofa and loveseat to cuddle while we watch TV. But why is he getting so gray????

One problem with writing a blog about your life is that sometimes there really is nothing of great significance which happens in your life. That is where I am today. We have settled back in to our Mexican life with nothing earth-shattering to write about. Pixie and have joined Facebook...with some reluctance, but it's interesting to see what all your "friends" are up to... And, there is one other significant thing...we tried ostrich burgers the other night. They were Mexican-prepared and very lean. I was impressed as I was cooking them on the BBQ. Cheap and very lean...very good. Pixie took one bite and said, "Not for me." I cooked her a turkey burger as a replacement. I...being adventurous, ate two ostrich burgers. But...I have to say, they were salty and didn't set that well. Oh well, it was worth a shot. So what else have we been eating? Mangoes...lots of mangoes. They're in season for just a bit longer. I usually get up and cut up a mango and papaya, pour yogurt over the fruit, then sprinkle granola over the yogurt, add a few raisins and walnuts, and that's my high calorie breakfast. No photo of that.

We do have photos of our dinner at George and Kenya's house. These guys have been living here for close to 20 years. They got here when property was very cheap and, intelligently, bought a lot way up on the mountainside, and built a beautiful house with a big terrace overlooking the entire lake. We are friends with them from our Great Books discussion group and have grown closer to them over the past three years. They just got back from the Czech Republic, where Kenya's son lives with his family. George worked in Latin America for much of his workig life, and he speaks fluent Spanish. They have many Mexican friends, one of whom is an exellent sculptor who recently made a bust of George. Here are some photos which capture their wonderful home:

Here's an update on what I've been reporting in the last two posts about the American and Canadian homeowners who bought property in the coastal town of Tenecatita and had their property seized a couple of weeks ago. Well, it turns out that although the land was originally ejito land, a Guadalajara property developer has apparently owned the entire tract of land, legally for about 38 years, way before these people thought they bought the property. Apparently, even though they have legal-looking titles, and they were signed and approved by lawyers, the land was illegally sold. of looks like these people are going to lose their land. Stay tuned...I'll update any new developments.

Two other news developments. You may have heard the BIG news that Miss Mexico, from Guadalajara, won the Miss Universe contest last week. Good boost for Mexico, two weeks before Mexico celebrates its bicentennial on September 16. You may remember that I mentioned before that one does not need a prescription to buy medications at local farmacias. They do have prescription requirements for barbiturates, pain medications and sleeping pills. Now, they wisely have added antibiotics to the list of meds requiring a physician's order. Good news for the people who try to self-medicate.

We have decided to put our house on the market and rent instead of own. Although we love our house, we really don't enjoy the unanticipated expenses that inevitably come with home ownership. In this market, it will likely take some time to sell, and we are happy here in the meantime. Here are some garden photos:

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