Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Miracle Blossom

Well.  Here's a story.  Our beautiful birds of paradise plants had stopped blossoming for over a year.  We consulted our gardener, Horacio.  He thought our plant had just become dormant or that the plant was dying. We were worried we'd never see another blossom.  Well, as I've written in the last couple of posts, Mexico has been going crazy celebrating the bicentennial of its independence.  The big day was Thursday, September 16.  The crowds gather on the evening of the 15th to reenact the reading of the 'grito' and party all night.   We, I am a bit ashamed to admit, were too tired to attend the grito ceremony this year.  It's late... around midnight... and it's so crowded, it's impossible to find a place to park or even sit, because it's SO crowded.  So we begged off and stayed home and listened to the fireworks from Chapala which went late into the night.  (I should point out here that Mexicans love to shoot off fireworks for ANY reason, ANY night, so we are all very used to these 'bombas.').  

NOW.... as a critical thinker...I know this was most likely a coincidence, but the next morning, at the exact dawn of Mexico's third century, there it was, a beautiful new blossom on our dormant bird of paradise plant.  So, who knows?  I'm sure my Mexican friends who are very spiritual and believe in  milagros would not have such skepticism as I.

For the record, here are some great images of the bicentennial celebration in Mexico city, including one of President Felipe Calderon at the 'grito' ceremony in the capital.  (Images courtesy of The Huffington Post).

So, the celebrations are over, and now life is back to normal.  We went to visit our friend, Sue Kelley today who just had a hip replacement (a couple of weeks ago) at the IMSS hospital in Guadalajara.  The IMSS is the national medical care system (although many Mexicans are not covered).  The cost is about $400/ year, and it covers everything, including drugs.  She had a problem which required a follow-up procedure, and now she has to stay in bed, flat on her back, for six weeks.  UGH.  She needs company, so lots of us from the fellowship are spending some time with her.  She looks great.  

We are working to get our house ready to go on the market about October 15.  There's not much to do but some painting and fixing a few things, but it could take awhile to sell.  

Chuy is doing well and has had some recent play dates with Layla, Curly, and Rudy, his canine friends.  He's calming down a bit and seems to be developing an affectionate personality.  He is choosing to sleep on our bed occasionally, so that's progress.  But he's still prematurely gray!
We're following the US election season with some horror.  This 'tea party' phenomenon means something, but we're not sure exactly what.  The US political system seems to go through periodic meltdowns, and this appears to be one.  We are hoping the Democratic voters will come to their senses and rush to the polls in November to prevent a right-wing landslide.  I regularly read the US newspapers and political blogs on line.  A friend just lent me a wonderful 2003 book called The Future of Freedom by Fareed Zakaria.  I think it explains a lot about what the problem is with US politics and government today.   Check it out if you get a chance.  Has anyone out there read it?  

Google, which hosts this blog, has recently changed its software so I can now allow people to post comments to the blog without registering.   It's now easy, so feel free to click 'comment' and give your thoughts.  

I'll end with a view of our wonderful green mountains across the street from our house and a couple more garden photos.  

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