Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maine to Muncie

This hawk photo was taken by our daughter, Wendy, last Saturday during a snowstorm in Portland where she and her fiancé, Troy, braved the weather to get us to the bus station.  We had some fun times with them in Lewiston, where we lived for 22 years before emigrating south.

Here are some of Wendy’s other photos, one of her and Troy and one of Pixie standing next to a huge snowbank.

So our northern sojourn continues, now in Muncie, Indiana.  The weather has improved a bit: still cold but not much new snow or ice.  We’ve been able to use Eric’s Jeep during the day for shopping for all those items we need to bring back because we cannot find them, or find them as cheap, in Mexico (British Blend Tea, vitamin supplements, pajama bottoms, good chili powder, books in English, jeans, sneakers…).  We have been taking Isabelle out for fun excursions with Grandpa and Grandma to Chuck E. Cheese (my first experience with this entrepreneurial phenomenon), McDonalds, The Muncie Children’s Museum, Library, and just hanging around watching videos of Snow White and Winnie the Pooh.  We are marveling at how fast she has grown up and what a talker she is.  Here are the latest Isabelle pictures, from the top: Acting silly at the Children's Museum, Sitting with Grandma, Sitting with Grandpa, and Holding her new princess dolls.

Eric celebrated his 40th birthday this week.  Below are Crystal and Isabelle preparing his cake and Eric enjoying his cake. 

My Aunt Alice, now 93, lives in Indianapolis, and she is now in the hospital after a nasty fall.  We are hoping to have a short visit with her and a couple of her children, on our way to the airport hotel on Saturday.  We will be flying out Sunday morning on our way back to Guadalajara.  


Bob and Paula Hefley said...

We have just found your blogg and have read or scanned it fully. We have been talking of moving to Mexico for several years now. We have not yet retired. We are planning a vacation to Ajijic in late February. Our daughter in law is from Guadalajara and visits there often. Thank you for so much pertient information.

Bill said...

You're welcome Bob and Paula. Good luck!