Friday, April 8, 2011

Finally Settled in Villa Nova

Finally, we are in our new house. Hallelujah!  Since we sold our house so quickly in December, we’ve been in transition and most of our possessions have been boxed up waiting for a more permanent home.  Of course, we had to get rid of many things all over again because the house we are renting has, literally, everything we need.  But now, at last, we are moved in, able to relax and enjoy this beautiful setting. 

The community where we are living has four “villas” and a casita.  One of the other villas has a woman from Alberta who seems very nice, but she is gone a lot.  One of the other villas is owned by a Mexican couple from Guadalajara who apparently come out sometimes on the weekends. The casita is occupied by an artist, Gravy,  who is very friendly and gives Chuy biscuits.  When I let Chuy out into the common garden area, he makes a bee-line for Gravy’s casita; he’ a fast learner. 

The house is the most comfortable we’ve lived in since we came to Mexico.  It has comfortable furniture, a beautiful kitchen with nice appliances, ceiling fans in most rooms, a washer and dryer in an outside atrium off the back of the kitchen.  There is lots of closet space and two bathrooms with a whirlpool tub in the upstairs one. 

It is MUCH more quiet here than in the village, and it seems reasonably secure.  There is a gate which we need to activate with a remote control, and the doors are protected with iron grates. 

Here are some new photos:

Chuy and I take our morning walk up into the mountain area where some of the streets give access to some beautiful homes.  The neighborhood is very beautiful, so I’ve included some photos:

Not much big news otherwise.  I am still working through the slow process of getting my crowns finished.  And I have been following the Red Sox season which has started miserably, at 0-6!  UGH.  Of course, I discussed the Red Sox poor performance with Chuy who reminded me that there are 156 games left and that they are beating the Yanks so far today, 6-5.  I think he's too young to understand about the Red Sox. But I like that he's so earnest!


Pat said...

Looks like you lucked out on the house - it is gorgeous - so beautifully and comfortably decorated. I have a question. I plan on making a trip to Ajijic and wonder how to handle money. Is it okay to just come with an ATM/bank card and get the cash/pesos we need at a bank? Do stores take ATM cards? Thanks - Pat

Bill said...

Hi Pat, Your ATM card will work fine. It's how we get our money. But remember, Mexico is largely a cash society. Most stores do not take Debit cards or credit cards. Best to use cash from ATM's. You also get a good exchange rate at ATM's. Good luck! Bill