Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wendy and Troy's Engagement!

Well, we are back in Mexico now, but I just realized that I inadvertently omitted perhaps the most important photo from the last Maine post: this photo which Troy took of Wendy on the evening he formally proposed to her.  He took her to a beautiful secluded beach and presented her with a Maine amethyst ring.  He sent me this photo from his cell phone so I could include it on the blog.  It was on my desktop and not on my camera so I forgot to include it. 

They have set the date for on year from today, August 4, 2012!  We are looking forward to the big day and wish Wendy and Troy the best.  Here's another photo of them I took at the beach on this trip: 

We are looking forward to their visit to Ajijic, along with Cassie and Alana, for Christmas!   

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