Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Yesterday was Fat Tuesday and the annual Carnival parade in Ajijic.  There is definitely a transvestite theme in this parade, along with kids dressed up in carnival masks throwing flour at everyone.  There was lots of beer consumed, little kids  along with their caballero dads on horses, and generally a good excuse to have a good time.  Here are several photo of the parade:

Other than the Carnival, things are pretty much the same here.  The cold rainy weather is finally over, after two weeks, and we are back to warm sunny weather.  We are busy doing what we need to do before we leave.  We finished our car work, after numerous trips back to the body shop.  We're selling or giving away much of what we can't bring with us.  We're having to buy US auto insurance.  And have made arrangements to buy a major medical health policy for Pixie until she's eligible for Medicare.  (Of course we're planning to stay as healthy as possible with our vegan diet and lots of walking). 

We've been enjoying some more meals with friends and other social activities.  Here are photos of a few:
Our friends Bob and Kathy had us over for Bob's delicious vegetable stew..
Joan and John, friends form our UU Fellowship had us over to see their newly redesigned kitchen and enjoy a delicious meal...

Margaret and Lech, from Ottawa,who we haven't seen for two years are back for the winter.  We enjoyed dinner with them this week...
    Karen Blue, a friend from the Ajijic Writers' Group, is writing another book about Baby Boomers reinventing retirement in Mexico and interviewed us last week about our decision, after five years, to only be here seasonally.  

And so, our countdown to our March 6 departure is  continuing  with many mixed feelings.  We are busy with social events in addition to packing and making arrangements for mail forwarding, etc.  This pace will continue for another week and a half; then our life will enter a transition period, once again.  

I'll end this post with a photo taken at the parade of Fred and Mardele's family who are visiting this week.  From left: Ryan, Matt, Mardele, Jacob, and Fred and Mardele's daughter Renatta. 

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